To develop and demonstrate the innovative hardware and software solutions, including new materials, adequate resources and budget are required. eDAS will deliver following innovative demonstrators:

  • Smart battery system with thermal management and peak temperature conditioning based on novel materials such as phase change materials (PCM)
  • Novel e-motor with improved power density properties allowing reuse of thermal energy based on direct cooling of the coils
  • Universal scalable and modular combined inverter / charger (power range 3-22 kW)
  • Innovative accelerated inverter charger for faster “fast charging”
  • Efficiency improvement in PHEV cars (e.g. pre-conditioning, exhaust gas energy recuperation)
  • Wireless curb charging with thermal pre-conditioning (e.g. while parking) based on existing infrastructure in cities (power range 1-2 kW)
  • Safe multi-core control architecture for the powertrain computer including energy resource scheduler and advanced management of electrical, mechanical and thermal energies
  • Overall energy management including the before mentioned components and subsystems as well as the integration of 3D GPS data for energy optimal route selection